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Jung Zoom study group

The Jung Study Group which I had the privilege for convening from 1998 to 2020 is now closed. Below is a synopses of our work.

The Cairns Jung Study Group met monthly from 1998 to 2017. We then moved into the digital age, and the group became the Zoom Study Group.

The purpose of the group was to explore our inner and outer lives through the lens provided by radical thinkers such as Carl Gustav Jung, as well as contemporary thinkers who follow his mode of inquiry. As a group, through our interactions and discussions, we also become aware of how others are undertaking their journey.

The group met once a month and was convened by myself, Kaye Gersch PhD.

We studied Jung's foundational concepts. This included: Individuation; Projection; the Shadow; the Self; Anima/animus; the unconscious; Psychological Types; the Red Book and much more.

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