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Couples therapy. No gender bias. Repair & rebuild!

The Relationship Doctor: Relationship-building, first-aid and running repairs for couples.

So, you are thinking of entering couples therapy?

What brings you to this point?

You have probably already experienced the highest hopes and the most heart-breaking disappointments in your search for happiness in relationships.

Most likely, you arrived in a relationship without the insights and tools to make your relationships happy, long-lasting and mutually satisfying. You have had to learn the hard way. I've done enough of that myself. As a result, I've learned a lot, got some couples-work training and a lot of experience as a therapist.

In couples work there are two main issues. 

The two main issues are conflict and communication. Most of our work will have these two issues in mind, in the many different ways they show up.

Furthermore, I understand that there are three aspects to a fulfilling relationship.

In our couples sessions you will learn three specific, separate and interdependent aspects of relationship:

  • Firstly, how to attend to your own life and development.
  • Secondly, how to attend to the life and development of your partner.
  • Thirdly, how you both attend to the life and development of the relationship.

But not necessarily in that order!

Each of these three aspects nourishes the others. As a result, your relationship becomes a co-partnership that is completely equal. Well, you are working towards that equality. Specifically, this mean that neither partner is disempowered or exploited. Therefore, you both are able to reach the full development of your gifts. Consequently, you build trust and security in your relationship. You can relax.​

My couples-work training:

I did much of my training as a couples therapist at the Couples Institute, where I learned - and continue to learn - the Developmental Model. The Developmental Model focuses on differentiation, and the support of each partner as they grow and change in the relationship.

I have also trained at the Gottman Institute. Their Marriage Minute posts are worthwhile guideposts too.

My relationship sessions are applicable to all couples, and not only married couples. But I do have a committed couple in mind. No gender-bias. 

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