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Cashew "Cheese".


2 cups raw cashews, organic preferably

1 teaspoon salt

½ cup fresh milk kefir - or more

nutritional yeast -optional


  1. Soak the cashews in enough water to cover well - overnight or at least for a few hours.
  2. Drain cashews well and gently - they will be very soft from the soaking.
  3. Place in the blender with the salt and kefir. Whiz on low till smooth. Stop the blender to push the mixture down to the blades. You might also need to add more kefir to make the blending possible.
  4. Place into a glass container and cover with muslin or a fresh lettuce leaf, and leave on the bench until you can see bubbles through the glass. The mixture will also increase in bulk.
  5. Place in refrigerator. Will keep for several days. During this time the fermenting process will continue, but it will slow down.
  6. Depending on your preference, you can add nutritional yeast to the mix when blending, or sprinkle it on top when serving.
  7. Rather than make a dip, you can create a more cheese-like texture. To achieve this, when you have blended the mix, place it in a muslin cloth or tea-towel which is lining a strainer. Put the strainer over a bowl to catch the drips. You can also place a weight over the top to press it down, and keep the mixture compact.
  8. Our favourite way to serve this is as a dip with brown rice crackers.

This recipe is one of many which incorporate fermentation, which improves gut health by introducing probiotics - friendly bacteria which aid digestion and absorption, as well as improving immunity.

Even if you have food sensitivities to milk or nuts, you will most likely be able to tolerate - and enjoy - fermented dairy products such as this.

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