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Testimonials from people attending therapy sessions, workshops and 


From Participant in couples work, 2017-2018.

We initially were reluctant to seek couples therapy; not knowing if it was going to have a positive impact on our relationship or further highlight how far we were removed from each other. The catalyst for us was a river of challenges such as navigating the impact of PTSD, substance abuse, a difference in cultures, a blended family with step children along with mental and physical health challenges. (WOW, I forgot how many obstacles we’ve had!)

My greatest fear about entering couples therapy was about speaking to a women therapist. In my culture men problems are very much for men to deal with, usually on their own. I also thought a therapist would gang up on me and take my partners side. This was not the case at all as Kaye was always impartial. She opened up a space that made it easy for me to discuss feelings, emotions and family history. Kaye always brought us back to listening to each other and trying to gain a perspective of the other in each situation. She considered the perspectives of both of us every step of the way.

The tools that were most helpful were the “I-I” process, which allowed me to vent safely. Also the understanding that my wife doesn’t need me to fix everything - sometimes she just needs to feel heard and understood.

Continuing sessions bring what I call a reboot of positive communication and listening toolbox.

Thanks Kaye, not only from us but our mob of kids too.

"The reason we came to Kaye for couples therapy was because my husband was in hospital after a sporting accident and I found myself yelling at him for being selfish. Despite loving each other, our communication had become so poor due to our busy lives, that I had lost my ability to be empathetic.

One of the fears I had was that counselling would lead us directly to divorce. We had heard so many stories of failed counselling, we were both more afraid of the relationship breaking down, than attending the therapy.

The most helpful session was one after the big argument. Our behaviour towards each other was awful. We had no means to stop and we were both exhausted. Gently guiding us down the road of re-opening our lines of communication was just what we needed.

The benefit over time is that we are slowly, slowly re-connecting, in fits and spurts, but we are reassured that we love each other and want to be together.

It was reassuring to have a therapist who was able to hold the perspectives of both of us so we both felt heard.

Thank you, Kaye, for being brave enough to round us back up and point us in the right direction when we argued."

"Kaye's workshop for me came at an critical time where I very much needed the reminder to 'breathe' into that inner place where all is possible. Kaye reflects both the scholarship and personal development to help demonstrate the effect of bringing the feminine principle into our lives in a more conscious and embodied way. I very much recommend this workshop to both women and men".

Mysticism as the Feminine Divine workshop, Brisbane, Qld, September, 2014. Dr. Diane Rockloff, Former Psychologist

"Thank you for creating a space that felt very nourishing for me individually, and also in the connection with the whole group. I learnt some new ways to recognise the symbols and experiences in daily life that connect with my inner life and spirit. There were activities through the day that helped move us from our minds into our bodies, these I have kept with me and they continue to help me create sacred space and connection each day. The discussion about what it means to value and protect time for these experiences was really helpful".

Mysticism as the Feminine Divine, A. Townsville, Qld, 2014.

"The workshop is a priceless jewel in a world desperately trying to find its heart.

Kaye skilfully draws the individual and the group into the very fabric of the fairytale and brings an enormous compassion, eclectic wisdom and insight to the journey. This ‘alchemical combination’ sets the scene for personal transformation and transmutation on multiple levels, which (if allowed ) will continue effecting change well beyond the workshop.

The Handless Maiden, is at its core, not just about the renewal of the feminine, but the renewal of a wounded ‘human psyche’ that longs for an inner and outer place that encompasses the words” Here may everyone live freely.”

I thoroughly recommend this workshop to women of all ages, occupation and stages of life............but most especially to those who yearn to live an authentic , unfettered life".

The Handless Maiden , Madeleine Orchard (Mother of 2 girls, Designer, Medical Scientist) Denmark, WA, 2012

"I have found my hands again and it has brought me great joy."

The talk and workshop of The Handless Maiden , Amanda, Canberra, 2013

"Thanks for being so kind and making everyone feel welcome and not under pressure to talk. That enabled me to feel comfortable talking in the group. Of course it's not that often I'm in a group situation where the topic of conversation is so meaningful and interesting to me! It was a wonderful weekend!"

The Handless Maiden talk and workshop, C, Canberra, 2013

"In the workshop and talk I appreciated your insights, and the space you created so that we could get the most out of them…and our own, as they dropped in!" 

The Handless Maiden Madeleine, Adelaide, 2012

“I am still 'integrating' the experience of the talk and workshop. It is a mixture of affirmation of what I think, feel and do, and an introduction to new information, and new ways of looking at aspects of my life. I love the safe and accepting environment you create, and the skillful way in which you help us process our thoughts. Whilst I'm sure to continue my own inner work with what you covered, I particularly enjoyed the breath meditation. I have adopted that as part of my practice now.

You are such a wonderful teacher, Kaye - many thanks for being willing to come here to share some of your insights.” 

Mysticism as the Feminine Divine talk and workshop, Madeleine, Adelaide, 2013

"The workshop was a wonderful enlivening experience. I would love to do more. It was like a breathing space for the soul. I feel somehow that I have more space for my Self in my life now and that I am making more space for wonder in everyday life. I enjoyed the meditations, the food, the company and the opportunities to reflect and converse. Also the readings and the beautiful garden. To me the balance felt right. Thank you to you for a nourishing and rewarding day."

Mysticism as the Feminine Divine, Martha, Cairns, 2013

"Thank you, Kaye, for creating a day of “wonder”. You spent yourself that we may experience the feminine divine, a generous gift successfully delivered and gratefully received.

What has the workshop brought to me? A different world unfolding....." Thank you

Mysticism as the Feminine Divine, talk and workshop, Pam, Cairns, 2013

"Thank you for a wonderful experience and learning at the workshop.

Your workshop gave me a sense of promise to myself and reawakened my, somewhat buried, awareness of the wonder of life and all that it includes - friends , family, lovers, pets, nature, working together with others, the beautiful giving that so many provide.

The knowledge and understanding that you imparted to us is most humbling but accepted with much gratitude and care.

To others I would describe this is an experience of giving ourselves permission to live with and experience the numinous. In our very intense lives I feel that we are actually discouraged from experiencing the real soul feeling of wonder".

Mysticism as the Feminine Divine, talk and workshop, S, Cairns, 2013

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