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Clinical Supervision for individuals and groups

Clinical supervision and professional mentoring assists a new practitioner in developing confidence and skill, and challenges an experienced clinician who is experiencing burn-out on one hand or a blunting of their skills on the other.

Individual supervision for:

  • GPs especially those with additional psychiatric or counselling training, or an interest in psychological medicine. For them professional mentoring is essential. Read how one GP experiences the long-term benefits of professional mentoring and supervision work.
  • Therapists of every kind, including psychologists, clinical psychologists, midwives, psychotherapists and counsellors.
  • Naturopaths and homoeopaths, chiropractors and other modalities within the complementary medical fields. Learn how to manage clients with extreme personal demands. Manage boundaries and master the psychology of practice management.
  • Mental health nurses and social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists.

There are three aspects to our supervisory mentoring work; the first is our work with clients/patients and the modality through which we work. Case discussion constitutes this part of the supervision session.

The second is how we experience and manage ourselves. Self-management and self-reflection encompass the second focus of the supervision session.

The third aspect is our responsibility to regulating and accrediting bodies within our professions, and the effect this scrutiny has upon our work and our person. Engaging an independent supervisor, who is not expected to assess the clinician through the needs of the organization itself, is a very effective way for individual therapists to maintain their autonomy and skill, and to have their real concerns addressed.

One-on-one supervision: 

Therapists working as sole practitioners know that supervision is an invaluable way of experiencing much-needed collegial stimulation.

I offer individual supervision to individuals on a sessional basis of $250 for 45 minutes to 1 hour. The advantage of individual supervision is that your immediate situation can be addressed, and your mandatory supervision hours can be achieved quickly. Your supervision hours are always 100% tax deductible. All one-on one supervision sessions are online.

Group supervision:

Join a small group supervision online. The advantages of group supervision are that you hear about - and can probably relate to - the situations that others experience. This is available to clinicians all over Australia.

Zoom supervision: 

Apply for individual supervision via Skype or Zoom, available to practitioners all over Australia, and internationally.

From a long-term supervisee:

“As a GP who sees many patients with mental health concerns, I have paid for professional debriefing/supervision fairly constantly for over ten years. Kaye has been my supervisor for much of that time (including via Skype when I was in Townsville) , and I look forward to our meetings. Discussing tricky situations and difficult thoughts and feelings about my work helps me to see things more clearly, become more creative in my thinking, and keep myself and my patients emotionally safe.

I claim the fee as a tax-deduction, as it is a work-related expense; supervision for mental health practitioners is an accepted practice for every other counselling discipline, for mental health nurses, and in my view it should be for GPs as well if we are doing a lot of mental health work.

Kaye maintains a highly professional and confidential practice, is an excellent supervisor in every domain, and I highly recommend this investment of your time and resources. It will make your work more satisfying and sustainable.”

Dr Mary Emeleus, Psychiatry registrar, Cairns

Upcoming workshops.

Professional mentoring/clinical supervision online, April -May 2020.

Duration: 6 weeks, 2.5 hours per week

Dates: Wednesday, April 15, 22, 29 and May 6, 13 and 20th 2020. 

Time: to be negotiated with participants. I suggest 4 pm to 6.30 pm Eastern Standard Time, so you still have the evening with your family. Or 6 to 8.30 pm.

Booking: Please book now as places are limited to 6 maximum.

Venue: Online



Kaye Gersch

Cairns Penny Savings

BSB: 704 966

Account: 100013691

Cairns, QLD

Clinical Supervision/Professional Mentoring June/July/August Cairns 2020

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