White swans, a photo taken when I was at Nottingham in England at a week-long workshop with Luce Irigaray, contemporary feminist philosopher

Dr Kaye Gersch PhD 

psychoanalytic psychotherapist | clinical supervisor | couples therapist  

Academic work, Kaye Gersch PhD

My academic work provides the underpinning of my professional (and personal) life. 

Mostly, it is a now-invisible bedrock. However, this bedrock also fertilises my more scholarly pieces, some of which I include here.  

I also provide summaries of my Masters in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (2002) and Doctoral thesis The Feminine in Body Language and Spirituality from  School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics, University of Queensland, 2013.  

On my PhD page you will also discover a link to the full text of my thesis, to which you have open access, through the University of Queensland.

Please use my work freely, with due acknowledgements, including reference to this website.

I trust that my work provides fuel for your own.