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The Ultimate Smoothie!

Making a smoothie is pure delight. You can adjust the ingredients to your personal nutritional needs, to your taste, and to the season. I use milk kefir as the basis, but you can also be dairy-free with coconut milk or rice milk. No matter what your food allergies or sensitivities might be, you can find a combination that you will thrive on.

You can keep most of the ingredients on hand, with the addition of a few fresh ingredients. Some smoothie-makers even add various supplements to the basic recipe.

* ingredients marked with asterisk are personal-preference additions

You will need a good quality blender - either the personal serve size, or larger.

Ingredients: per person

½ - 1 cup milk kefir, yogurt, rice milk

¼ - ½ cup coconut milk or cream

1 heaped T raw cacao powder

1 T tahini - black, unhulled if you can get it

¼ cup soaked almonds, with the skins off – substitute ground almonds if needed

*1 T chia seeds

*1 T goji berries

*1 T linseed, golden preferred (not good for women with oestrogen dominance)

*(it is beneficial to add one teaspoon each powdered beetroot and medicinal-quality turmeric powder, but this is up to you.)

soft fruit – eg half a mango, ½ punnet raspberries, about ½ to one cup

1 banana, optional

1 T maple syrup or to taste. You can substitute fresh dates.

Several leaves of Kale, lettuce, spinach - how much is up to you.


Put all ingredients in blender and process till very smooth, and all evidence of seeds has disappeared. Add extra kefir or water if you enjoy a thinner consistency.

This should be delicious till the last drop, so if it isn’t the mix was not quite right for you. Experiment!

This makes a very satisfying breakfast, or a quick and easy meal at any time. Great after workouts!

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