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About being in my eighth decade

About being in my eighth decade

I am now in my eight decade, a crone you could say, although in this age of perpetual youth, or so we seem to think, the crone idea is usually not so appealing. But that's where I'm at and I have a deep yearning to pass on some of what I have learned - a lot of it the hard way. Before either my body or mind give way, or maybe both. Eventually. So I'm continuing to put myself out there, (out here) in the hope that my knowledge and experience will help you in your own living of what really matters. And that you and I can share some of the wonder and bewilderment of the human journey. I'm reminded of the words to the duet in Bach's Cantata 78" we hasten with faint but eager steps" (to the sacred ground.)

Life as a multifaceted being

I am amazed by the links between body mind and soul - between environment and consciousness, between nutrition and mental health. Similarly, that we are totally dependent upon the environment and the web of life. This includes preserving the environment with ethical food production. It truly is one big continuum. I learn personal lessons every day, for instance how my thinking effects how my body heals. The older I get the more delicious life becomes, in both the joy and pain. And most particularly in the wonder of being alive. 

The best experience possible.

Give yourself the best experience possible between the cradle and the grave. It's my own goal for myself. That's why I pay attention to my dreams. Why I go for long walk before the sun is up and the birds are greeting the day. I love growing my own food, and eating straight from the garden. Working with a client is one of my joys. Convening workshops is an adventure into the unknown - who knows what wonderful people will turn up? Perhaps you! Who knows what fun we will have! Maybe we will discover a whole new take on an old problem.

And there is music. Always music!

Time to practice that lovely Chopin Nocturne!

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