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I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land, and pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

I'm Kaye Gersch PhD, RETIRED psychoanalytic psychotherapist, couples therapist, clinical supervisor, author and lecturer.

Welcome to my website!

On this website you will find information and discussion about the body | mind | soul journey.

Please note: I have recently retired and no longer offer the services outlined here.  Over time I will alter details to reflect this.

In my therapy work I offer individual Psychotherapy sessions for 45-60 minutes, in person or on Skype or Zoom. Mine is an eclectic approach, which has changed through many years of experience. I have learned a lot from people like you.

As both a Jungian therapist, and a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist there are many insights and skills I offer you, in individual therapy and couples therapy. Jungian dream work in the individual therapy sessions and in groups, is a long-term favourite aspect of my work.

For clinicians such as psychologists, councillors, natural health practitioners, nurses, midwives, doctors and psychologists, I offer clinical supervision and professional mentoring, for individuals and groups.

I promote (both academically and as a therapist) the subjectivity and individuality of women, including myself, in a society that still marginalises women. My therapy room is a place where women's voices are heard. At the same time, men are often uncertain how to be men in a feminist environment, and this is evident in the work I do with couples. A constant focus of couples work is around conflict; the tension of the opposites is an essential element of Jungian psychology. You will discover this, and many other aspects of relationships, in my other website, and my Relationship Insights.

I hover around the mystery of the principle of the feminine as articulated by thinkers such as Jung and Luce Irigaray, and this includes the idea of feminine divinity and of the divine feminine. My research and thinking in this areas continues Here is the link to my PhD research on the feminine.

For almost 20 years I convened a monthly Cairns Jung Study Group, and topics covered the work of Jung and Marie Louise von Franz, contemporary Jungians such as Donald Kalsched, James Hollis, Robert Johnson, and other radical and visionary thinkers.

Following this, for 10 months a year I convened the Jung Study Subscription Series on line which provided a structured study course, with monthly Zoom Meetings of 90 minutes.

Talks that I offered in Cairns, at other Jung Societies around Australia and overseas, covered topics such as the Dark Night of the Soul, Love Sex and Relationships, Suicide and the Soul, the Coniunctio and Individuation, some of which you will find on this website.

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