White swans, a photo taken when I was at Nottingham in England at a week-long workshop with Luce Irigaray, contemporary feminist philosopher

Dr Kaye Gersch PhD 

psychoanalytic psychotherapist | clinical supervisor | couples therapist  

Reading the Signs of the Times: Jung Zoom Study Group 28th April 2020

In preparing for the upcoming Jung Zoom meeting, a number of subjects have been jostling for my attention. It is impossible to fix on only one issue to study. It is a shape-changing time. An inherently restless time. So, rather than wresting something into an order that it resists, here are my current preoccupations.

1. Mortality and the fear of death. 

I can recommend two books on this subject, from very different perspectives. First, “Being with Dying” by Roshi Joan Halifax. I have reviewed this book on The Therapists Bookshelf. One concept that Roshi Joan unpacks is the notion of a “good” death, and other ideals around death. She attended the dying during the AIDS epidemic and her experience can educate us in the current situation. The second author is Irvin D. Yalom, in “Staring at the Sun: overcoming the terror of death”. As a psychotherapist of many years, Yalom accompanied many people in their fear of death and/or dying process. He has an existential foundation and here is an interview with him on the subject.

2. How can we utilize the changes that covid-19 has enforced upon us as conscious evolutionary change? Here is an article that explores this notion: “Covid-19 as Quantum Phenomenon” by Martin Winiecki.

3. The necessity for all of us to be or become visionaries. I wrote this short paper, “Are you living a visionary life?” a few years ago when I was deeply moved by the necessity for all of us to exercise our visionary faculties. At the time I was planning a full day workshop on the subject, but never got around to running it. Perhaps now is the time?

4. Our education mitigates against visionary thinking. The Book “The Maiden Tzar” by Marion Woodman and Robert Bly focuses on this, as does the DVD series “Men and Women”, on which the book is based.

5. The principal of “chaos-order-chaos” as essential to change. My Master’s thesis was based on the idea “that chaos theory posits the existence of chaos, followed by integration at a higher level, followed by chaos.” This is a big subject in itself. I believe this is where we are situated now, that is, in a period of chaos moving towards a new order of integration at a higher level. Can we all contribute to that new integration?